Disney's Urban Legends ... Revealed
First part of a multiple-part series
March 21, 2003

Several urban legends surround Disney's animated feature films and television shows. Perhaps you've heard some of them on the playground when you were a kid. Back then, any juicy rumor was spread like wildfire, true or not. And the Disney stuff was as good as it got. Tales of images of sex and foul language secretly hidden in wholesome Disney films—poisoning the minds of our youth—still persist to this day.

Starting with this editorial, and continuing on until all of the urban legends have been revealed, The Buzz Cut is dipping into the rumor mill to get to the bottom of it all.

Look at the picture below—a still frame from the movie The Lion King. Do you see anything out of the ordinary?

Take another look, this time concentrate on the dust cloud (but not so hard that you pop a brain cell). Is it spelling a word? What might that word be?!

Why, it looks like the letters "s," e" and "x."Could it be? In the movie, the swirling cloud of dust appears momentarily as Simba plops down on the dirt, probably not fast enough to catch any viewer's eye. Heck, just looking at the picture, you probably don't see it until you're told what to look for (outlined below).


As the story goes, a 4-year-old boy (either from Louisiana or New York) was watching The Lion King with his head leaning to the left. Thus, when the cloud of dust appeared on the screen, supposedly spelling the word "sex," he noticed it and reported the information to his dear old mom (or aunt). She, in turn, notified a religious group to help rail against The Walt Disney Co. The American Life League got behind it big time, citing this as another example of Disney hiding secret images in its films. It culminated with a huge campaign against Disney in September of 1995.

So what's the deal? Did someone at Disney purposely insert the word into the movie, or is this simply a case of the power of suggestion? Well, no one quite knows for sure. The most common explanation is that the letters actually read "SFX" as in "special effects," but if you ask me, the skewed middle letter looks more like an "E." How could that be coincidental? Someone at Disney has been naughty!

Make sure to hit The Buzz Cut again very soon as I discuss that little pervert, Aladdin, trying to convince teens to shed their clothes. That bastard.

Chris Douvalas
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