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  • 06 Jan 2011
    i'm really diving into my life drawing work and i can already tell a huge improvement from last time i was going to apply for calarts and now. i have decided to keep track of my progress and post here regularly. excuse the "dirty" look of these. i'm reusing paper. :D
    6772 Posted by Monica Ekabutr
  • 06 Jan 2011
    this is lisa.lisa has gravity defying fake tits, is in her mid 30's and likes collecting vintage playboy magazines.while modeling she shared with us a story of a younger man she sleeps with but claims "he never wants to do anything else". apparently he just needs someone to snuggle with to sleep well. she said he talks in his sleep, "asparagus" being one of the words she remembers. he takes her on business trips to seattle and other places where she passes her time at the hotel bar drinking bourbon and coffee. afterwards she declared to the class she has the best job in the world because she gets to sleep naked whereas, she added, she does for free every night.kanye's album is taking over my car. and girl talk's new album is glitching my brain as i try to name every song i recognize.and medical marijuana is legal in az. time to make up some excuses. i'm anorexic and i need munchies to live fool. holla.
    6087 Posted by Monica Ekabutr
  • 24 Jan 2011
    Here's a conversation I had with a friend. I think it's pretty true:Yummy Grandma6:38 PMi think i can tell what kind of person people are if i see what they look like when they were youngerojjimmypayne6:39 PMwhat do you mean?Yummy Grandma6:41 PMlike when they look nerdy6:41 PMi know they're nice. if they didnt get caught up in the social status6:41 PMthey have the outcast foundation6:41 PMso they're generally nicer6:41 PMand observe moreojjimmypayne6:42 PMoh okay6:43 PMwhat can you tell if they're wearing like, a garfield t-shirt.Yummy Grandma6:43 PMthen they are going to be alone foreverSo far I've gotten positive feedback from the places I've posted my comics on. I'm considering getting a domain and hosting all my comics and art on it. These comics are good practice. I'm trying to build up enough experience to tell this short story I've had in my head for a while.until then, check out the greatest moments from the always fascinating actor, nic cage.
    4818 Posted by Monica Ekabutr
  • 06 Jan 2011
    Today I had a dream I dated both Tim & Eric from Tim & Eric's Awesome Show Great Job. Now don't get me wrong, I don't spend my day dreams thinking of them. But I've been dreaming about comedians lately (in one dream I made Doug Benson laugh over a joke about powdered wigs). Anyway they were both pretty sweet and (for the record, I think they'd be attractive if they got in shape) but I got to watch them rehearse for their live shows. I believe I dated them separately at different points in my dream. That's probably why they were still able to rehearse without getting into fights over me. A few days ago I had a dream (nightmare) that my dad was getting surgery to look like a woman. It wasn't hardcore, but it must've been the first stages cause I saw them slice his nose. I'm not sure why my dad would start at the nose to look like a woman. I tried to see if they added tits but I think things got blurred when I tried to look. I remember thinking, "my family is so normal, I guess something had to give."A few weeks ago, when I was in Thailand, I was the closest I had ever been to lucid dreaming. Once I was aware all the colors instantly became bright and vivid. It was pretty beautiful. I tried to turn it into a sex dream. But all I could do was watch what was going on in my point of view. And I was about to stuff a huge burger in my mouth. I think dreams become more crazy when you're sleep deprived. This other time, I woke up really early to take care of my brother's dogs and I guess I had went to bed in the wee hours of the morning. So when I took a nap at his place I had a dream that felt so real. The setting was the same--my brother's house and me on the couch. And there was this boy behind it and I climbed out of the couch and was gonna fall into him and make out hardcore. I woke up with the falling sensation.And a few months ago I had a dream where I was going to a public bathroom and this white dude was like you cant go in there my buddy's taking care of business, but now you know and he came after me. I think I enventually found a car with friends and they took me the bathroom where I peed but I awoke to the warm sensation of me peeing in my bed. It was only like a dribble and I caught it in time to stop. I was never a bed wetter growing up and at 21 I don't know what it means.True Story:I think I'm building up to do a short comic in color.
    930 Posted by Monica Ekabutr
13,021 views Jan 06, 2011
Final CalArts portolio for Character Animation 2011
The weight has been lifted! I sent this baby in today. And now the weight of waiting to hear back from them has replaced it. lolol.

Nah, now I can focus on other things on my full to-do list.

Anyway here it is for your eyeballs to absorb.










close ups:



















And here's the short film I finally finished and included in the portfolio.

Nightmare Catcher from Monica Ekabutr on Vimeo.

some of my kind friends have posted it on their blogs/tumblrs. i'm trying to throw it out everywhere i can. feel free to pass it on and let me know your thoughts!

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