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Personal Journal 79 views Jan 03, 2017
Documenting my Journey


I am of the hope that this will become a community that I am looking for.  I am not really looking for fans here.  What I am looking for is support and guidance.  About a month ago I found some animations on YouTube that I found funny and easily consumable.  Very soon this became an obsession, then when talking to a friend about my art and youtube it became a plan.  About two weeks ago I bought a Wacom tablet and started watching every tutorial I can get my hands on.  In the early morning yesterday I release my first attempt at a flash animation.  Not a lot going on in it, and just talking about the ridicule things people say when online dating.

I know it can be better and I will continue to learn and grow from here.  Only time and practice will help.  Here I will post sketches, journal entries and thoughts.  I hope to talk to you, get feedback and make some friends.


Thank you so much for reading!

-Alice A. Holmes (aah animations)


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