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  • 13 Mar 2011
    Any initial thoughts? Design, color palette, composition....
    12359 Posted by Logan Pearsall
  • 16 Apr 2011
    Can everyone, if you have time or want to, take a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think? I'm going to be sending it off to Disney and Blue Sky next week, and I need thoughts form outside sources. Thanks! 
    3322 Posted by Logan Pearsall
Story 3,033 views Mar 08, 2011
Getting feedback

I'd love to get comments, feedback.... anything really.... on my stuff. Good, bad, anything! Love to hear any and all thoughts on where you think I'm at, how I'm doing, what I can improve on, etc.

Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from ya!



  • Kitty Wilkins
    Kitty Wilkins Looking through you portfolio, i understand why you may not have gotten accepted. When I see your animal illustrations, i see some great little illustrations that are interesting to look at . However, when it comes to humans or non surreal characters, i can...  more
    March 8, 2011
  • Mario Furmanczyk
    Mario Furmanczyk hey I think you have a lot of potential with some of the designs you have in the portfolio. there is no easy answer but to just keep grinding it out. Bunker down and draw. Don't look up until a year later and you'll see tons of development.
    March 8, 2011

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