• Looking for a New Job?
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      One of the hardest things to do is searching for that right position, with the right studio... but where do you look? Here I am going to link some of the best places you can use to find your dream...
    • From Passion to Profession
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      List the things that inspire your passion!
    • Animation Resources
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      Hello, post all of your animation reference websites and resources here. We can compile an amazing database of useful sites resources here.
    • Stop Motion
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      Hi! I'm Jack and I created this group for anyone who is a stop motion animator or for anyone who is just interested in the medium. Feel free to share any work you may have or anything else you may...
    • 2d Animation
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      All about #2d #traditional animation!
    • CG chat
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      CG animation conversations, questions, chats, etc
    • Walt Disney Animation Studios
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      Walt disney animation studios
    • Art Center College of Art and Design
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      Group for Art Center fans, students, or applicants!
    • CALARTS 2018 applicants
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      Here's a new group for applicants of Calarts 2018!