I felt like drawing a bat today so I started out with some bad sketches. Then I began thinking a little bit about Batman, and how I could incorporate Batman with this bat sketch.  And so that's basicaly how it evolved. I didn't intend on coloring it at first but decided to do it because the sketch looked very mediocre. I figured in order to sell the idea that this cartoony bat was making the bat signal from his pose, I would need to flesh it out more in color.  The spotlight effect would be key! I used some of the basic photoshop pencil brushes and experimented with the artists brushes when painting.  The brushes I used mainly were the fan artist blender brush with flow setting at around 3-5.  That setting seems to help with gradations/blending. I'll start posting more of these progressions!

Posted in Personal Blogs on July 10 at 10:48 PM

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