Princess and the Frog Reel - rough and final animation


Here is a blast from the past. About a decade ago I was an apprentice animator on Princess and the Frog. Here are some shots I animated on the movie. Rough animation and the final version.  I animated a lot of tiny frogs throughout this film haha. I was a beginner and totally freaked out that I was actually working on a hand drawn Disney Feature film. It was a dream come true.  I worked with Mark Hen through most of the production since he was the lead on Tiana.  I worked with Randy Haycock on Naveen as well as with Eric Goldberg on a couple of Louis shots.  Very small background Louis shots haha.  It was such an awesome experience. Ron and John were directors on this film and I finally got to work with them again recently on Moana!  

Posted in Animation on August 05 at 09:16 AM

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