so I had to recently stop and realize that I am not a good artist. That is not anything new. However, it hurt cause for the first time in a long time, I truly wanted to improve. That has lead to me seriously sitting down and taking a good, hard, long look at my techniques and asking myself where do I need to improve. After looking at some old work, I have found 3 areas that I know I need to improve and take priority. (obviously there are a lot more areas where I can improve, but baby steps, guys. baby steps.) so:
1. anatomy
I have a cartoony style. Usually thanks to that I can get away with having terrible anatomy. but anytime i try to draw a realistic drawing it looks terrible because i cant do anatomy at all. So, I'm going to be attempting to work out the bodies anatomy and learning how to better make characters look the way they are supposed to. hopefully dealing with anatomy will help me with making the ridiculous poses i come up with in both my comics and animations. 
2. hair
you know, my hair used to at least be OK, but OK is no longer cutting it. I need some actual structure and work done to figure out hair types and get better at drawing them because lord have mercy, i can not hair. I can't hand either, but that comes later. 
3. clothes.
i am really bad at figuring out where creases go in clothes and how to make clothes look good and follow the rules of gravity. That iss why my characters look like boxes with clothes painted on. So I'm going to practice drawing clothes on characters trying to get them as correct as possible
so how am i doing this journey to better art?
Every day, I am going to post a YouTube video that helped me with my art. Along with that video, I am going to post a picture of whatever I have been working on that day. They will probably be picture sketches instead of the 4 hour digital drawings i usually do. The point of this is to restructure and try and strengthen my basics, so sketches will have to do for the sake of being able to turn out good drawings quickly and consistently. Hopefully I can get a daily blog going and I can show my slow improvement. And hopefully while i improve maybe you guys will too. i don't know. I'm pretty sure you guys are already better artists than I am. XD
well wish me luck~
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