First of all I am very great-full for the support i received (from all 2 of you XD) and I am very happy to be embarking on this journey with all of you!
So! day 1! I actually worked on getting better at python for most of the day, but i did eventually sit down and put some real work into looking up a video and trying to learn from it. I decided to start with anatomy. pretty colors and flashy clothes can only do so much to cover up for broken basics. So i learned how to construct a basic framework for a skeleton. The thought was that if i can at least get a basic framework down it can help. 
The first video I looked at is kinda funny but it did a very good job of teaching me basic blocking and anatomy. and i mean MAD basic. this is probably stuff you guys already know and understand well, but since im going back to basics it was very helpful for figuring thing out (pun not intended)
I'm going to continue to watch this series of tutorials to get better cause i found this one very helpful as well as very comedic and easy to listen to and understand. (jesus my english was horrible)
The second video I used and the one that helped me THE MOST was this video from Jazza which is also a series on the basics. While it was a bit harder to sit through, I did learn some invaluable stuff, and as you can see, it obviously paid off as this is probably the best method for blocking out the character. this is probably the most proportionally correct and well blocked character that i have ever made, in a pose that i have ALWAYS had trouble with. it looks great, and i haven't even added in the other details yet. 
As you can see im already making progress just based on what I have managed to watch so far, and I do highly recommend these videos. They are both parts of a series and I believe I am going to follow both series and hopefully it continues to help me improve and grow into a better artist. for those of you who cant see the picture, let me post it in here:
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