I'm sorry I'm late and already took a small hiatus. for a daily blog, this thing really fell by the wayside. But here is part 2 of becoming better. Now this doesnt fit into my original 3 categories, but it is super helpful for me since I'm making a game and using it in my animations was very helpful to me. What am I talking about? Why, THIS of course!
This is an amazing tutorial for improving your pixel art. Its not a beginner friendly tutorial, it assumes you already know how to make sprites, but is giving you additional tips to help with either making the process, easier, faster, or making it look better. I really enjoyed this tutorial and its one of those things where I'm impressed with what I have managed to learn in the time I watched it. I even applied the tips to the character I'm animating for my game.
This is usually the part were I give you either the finished product on what im working on, or a preview, however, I want to wait till im done and reveal the final finished character to the public in a game update on youtube. so instead, here is The big english guy again. OH on a side note, this big fella now has a name. He is Geoffrey Murdock the 3rd. 
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