Mr. Darling animation test from Disney apprenticeship - 2d animation

Here's another #animationtest I #animated during my #disney #apprenticeship. Dale Baer. #disneylegend was my #mentor! As you can see the pages on this scene were worked to death. I kept #animating and reanimating this shot until it finally started to turn the corner. I remember this shot giving me hell for a couple months. There definitely seems to be something to relentlessly working on a shot until it clicks but be careful because you might also experience a #burnout and frustration. Finding the balance is key but you can't really find that balance without experimenting. So when something just doesn't seem to work for a long time, keep at it because you never know when it might start to click. You might just around the corner from a #breakthrough just as you're thinking about quiting! Its crazy but this is something that has happened to me many times. U start seeing the #pattern so #dontquit .
Posted in Animation on August 14 at 11:25 AM

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