Princess and the Frog - 2d animation shots


It was an awesome opportunity to work with Bert Klein on this shot because he was one of my mentors at #Calarts and also one of the main reasons why I got the #DisneyApprenticeship in the first place. During the calarts #producers show in2007, he was sitting next to #ronandjohnwho were the directors of #princessandthefrog and recommended me for the upcoming 2d apprenticeship opportunity at the studio Like I mentioned before, I #animated a lot of little tiny frogs throughout this show. It was my first film at #Disney and the challenge was pretty tough to live up to #DisneyQuality#animation. This shot was a lot of fun! Bert animated #Louis the Alligator here, and I animated #tiana #Naveen

Posted in Animation on August 28 at 03:02 PM

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