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      Gesture Drawing Workshop
      Public . 216 members
      Post your Gesture drawings here and let's discuss how to improve them! Learning how to draw gestures is critical to lay the foundation of a pose. To learn how everything connects. We have some...
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      Animal Drawing Workshop
      Public . 95 members
      Let's share animal drawings that serve as both practice to improve in observational and gesture drawings as well as portfolio for schools, etc.
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      Story Workshop
      Public . 55 members
      This group is for anyone interested in work shopping their story reels, animatics, or film ideas!
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      Storytelling Poses Workshop
      Public . 220 members
      Storytelling poses are the essential building blocks of a great scene in animation. The Nine Old Men of Disney placed a huge amount of importance on these Key drawings. The aim of this workshop is...
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      Character design Workshop
      Public . 173 members
      For those who wish to have their characters work shopped to further develop them, this is the group for you.
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      Public . 8 members
      This group is a welcoming point for SCAD students and alum to connect.
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      Animation Resources
      Public . 166 members
      Hello, post all of your animation reference websites and resources here. We can compile an amazing database of useful sites resources here.
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      Stop Motion
      Public . 17 members
      Hi! I'm Jack and I created this group for anyone who is a stop motion animator or for anyone who is just interested in the medium. Feel free to share any work you may have or anything else you may...
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      2d Animation
      Public . 133 members
      All about #2d #traditional animation!
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      Animation Critique Workshop
      Public . 148 members
      If you're interested in getting some feedback on your 2d or 3d animation, post your shot here and we will discuss it. Anyone is welcome to add their thoughts about a shot or exercise. One of the...