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  • If you're interested in getting some feedback on your 2d or 3d animation, post your shot here and we will discuss it. Anyone is welcome to add their thoughts about a shot or exercise. One of the best ways to learn animation is to observe and give feedback on other peoples scenes.  So feel free to join! 

Recent Activities

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    Kimberly Wong
    My demo reel is now updated with my current best work! It also includes the final version of the “Girls” animation I’ve been posting before.

    My website, I hope you guys take a look.

    All feedback welcome and appreciated!
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    Heather Francis
    This is a shot I'm in the planning stages for. I know it moves a little fast but I wanted other crit if possible!
    • Marcelo Teodoro Nogueira
    • Mario Furmanczyk
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    Jason Jaw
    Hello again! Here is a shot I had done in my student years and I want to revisit and update it for my demo reel! I would love feedback on where I can improve it!

    Just a note: the environment model, textures, and renders will all be updated and redone as well.
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    • Abraham Mast
    • Rodrigo Conçolin Message
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    Katie Rose Sheehan
    Hey! I am graduating soon and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my reel or what I should add to it! Thanks!
    Student reel for 3D Animation and VFX First 3 shots: 3 Animations in 3 Days Challenge: Long Winter Taylor Rig & Josh Sobel's Kayla Rig animated in Maya Dragon Shot: Truong Dragon animated in...
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    Jean Lamy

    I’ve finished the animation and used photoshop to add a 2D effect to it. The animation itself could use a little bit more work but I won’t be able to spend more time on it. Enjoy though! 😄
    I did a quick animation exercise to practice some more and to utilize photoshop to try and see how the mixture of 2D and 3D would go with each other. • Software - Autodesk Maya. • Software -Adobe...
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    Bijoy Pandey
    hello again! I've got yet another walk exercise (lol sorry)
    i have yet to adjust the toe and add squash to the torso, but the rest is as good as i could make it. please take a look and let me know if i can make it better somehow. and thanks for all the help previously
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    Pooja Krishnan
    Hi everyone ! First post here, so excited to be part of this passionate community Here's a little something I'm working on at the moment, it's still WIP, so would love to get feedback.

    Sharing a syncsketch link as well :
    • Bijoy Pandey
    • Mario Furmanczyk
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    Suresh Rao
    Hi animated buzz! Is it worthy to learn MEL language for animators in either way?
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    Jeb Cozby
    I've been trying to gather as much feedback as I can on my animation reel, and how I can improve. I realize that's quite a bit to ask of you guys, considering it's multiple shots. So if you only...
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    • Mario Furmanczyk
    • Mario Furmanczyk
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    Олег Рогоза
    • Mario Furmanczyk
    • Mario Furmanczyk