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Hi everyone! I am an incoming junior studying animation (2D and 3D, mostly 3D) and have been spending my summer practicing skills and creating a portfolio. I really want to be on the right track, though, in terms of what studios are looking for. What are some exercises or prompts that would showcase important abilities; what are studios looking for? 
Thank you so much!
Davies Rushing on July 22 at 07:08 AM in Jobs /Career guidance
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What the studios are mostly looking for is someone who can show an ability to create entertaining and sincere performances that also include good mechanics in the way that your characters move and intereact on screen. Also a good sense of design is needed in order to know what looks appealing. These are all skills youll develop as you progress through your training. You'll be able to get help from our Coaches on Animatedbuzz pretty soon, when that section of the site is finished. Or you can just do some research online into what it takes to create appealing poses, good sincere entertaining acting, and movement mechanics. That sums it up for the most part! Good luck with that and welcome to Animatedbuzz!
Mario Furmanczyk on July 22 at 11:27 AM Edited
Thank you so much for the input! I believe my 2D animation is more appealing than 3D right now, I need more practice in Maya. I have 3D projects from spring quarter that I would love some feedback on when that time comes!!
on July 22 at 03:09 PM