How do I get into the industry?

 I would like to ask you for some of your advice, I am someone who doesn't have the money to go school, or academics to help me get grants and scholarships, especially to go to these high price schools in NY such SVA or FIT. But I know for a fact That I want to do 3dAnimation. if theres other ways or alternatives to get experience or a way to get into the 3DAnimation/gaming industry?
Another question I would like to ask, does it matter the software I'm using to make my animations? Because all of my Animations that I post on my Instagram @zqversatility are from a program called blender, and I know for a fact a lot of animation studios use maya or 3ds max. If I had to learn to use these softwares, then i'll be willing to get them and learn  a lot from them.
Thank you for your time. have a nice day
Ezequiel Medina on July 23 at 05:01 PM in Jobs /Career guidance
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Hey Ezequiel, I think that many young artists are in a similar situation.  In the past, it would be much harder to break into the industry but because of technology today, it's a lot easier. Many industry professionals are coming out of online animation programs like animsquad, animschool, animatiomentor, etc which are a lot cheaper than traditional schools.  There are so many tutorials online that if you absolutely had to learn everything on your own with little financial investment, it's more possible now than every.  Also, keep an eye out for our Coaches coming soon to You'll be able to connect with industry professionals here on this site for feedback once we are ready to go with that section. 
As for software, the current industry standard is Maya. I work at Disney and that's what we are using. I've never heard of blender.  I think you should be able to get free educational versions of Maya so I highly recommend doing that!
good luck, hope this helps!
Mario Furmanczyk on July 23 at 09:59 PM
Hi Ezequiel,
I don't know if this might be helpful, but I figured I'd share it. Back when I was studying Maya on my own I compiled a giant list of tutorials organized by subject (e.g. Intro to Maya, Shading & Materials, Rigging, etc.). I didn't really get to animation so that section is sparse, but the tutorials in the intro section might help you get acquainted with the software. I strongly recommend paying for a few months of tutorials. I found them very helpful for learning the software/the basics, though they don't really provide an industry perspective.
CG Master Tutorial List

(Let me know if it would be better to paste the list into this answer.)
Nori Retherford on July 27 at 02:59 AM
Thank you so much! for the response, because definitely I need to learn the basics.
on July 27 at 05:50 PM
Thank You so much for the response! And I will definitely get maya, and excel in it.
Ezequiel Medina on July 23 at 10:14 PM
yes good idea!
on July 23 at 11:37 PM