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Hi guys, I got a question.
Ive been animation lately and every time I ended with horrible timed animation. most of the times the problem was that i was animating on one's where i should be animating on twos and vice versa. It looks decent now because i changed the timing. but I don't want to change the timing afterwards all the time. How can I prevent this  and know wether to animate on ones or on twos?
Thank you  
Daan Mac Gillavry on August 30 at 03:46 PM in Animation
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Whenever you're trying to figure out whether it's appropriate to work on ones or twos, chances are that you're jumping into ones too early.  Make sure your blocking timing works well. When you're happy with your broad beats, then start breaking down your animation into small chunks until you get to 4's, 2's, and eventually 1's. This will help you with the dreaded issues that happen when you jump into 1's too early. Mushy/spliney animation, etc. 
Hope that helps!
Mario Furmanczyk on August 30 at 04:38 PM
Yes that helps, thank you so much!!
on August 31 at 01:45 AM