do you think it is alright if I use copyrighted music for my internship showreel or not?

Hey guys!
I was just wondering, do you think it is alright if I use copyrighted music for my internship showreel or not? (with crediting the Composer) If you think its not acceptable, what could be the alternative? because most free music I find are not really that interesting..
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Waad Al Alawi on September 01 at 08:05 PM in Internships/Apprenticeships
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As long as you're not making money off of it it's totally fine! I see people doing that all the time for their demo reels
Mario Furmanczyk on September 01 at 08:22 PM
Hey Mario, i had a question about that topic too
what about graduation short films, i see some people doing that using music for a local or -not so known- artists/ musicians and crediting them, if thats okay with theirs faculty staff , is that okay in general or not, not to mention if that gets the short to be legible or not running for some animation festivals ?
on September 02 at 09:21 AM
If you have a musician that creates your soundtrack, just make sure you credit them for it and they will be more than thrilled to have that on their resume! Lots of music students at calarts seek out opportunities to score animated student films
on September 11 at 11:49 PM