Animation and learning difficulties.

Hi! I would like to ask if there are online resources in English on the subject of the use of animation to children with learning difficulties (or disabilities etc). I live in Greece and it is hard (in reality, it is impossible) to find something on that topic.
Thank you in advance!
Update; I didn't manage to find anything printed in English. The only printed editions I found was in Danish. Also, I didn't find any online publication, announcement, anything that would give the scientific answers I need. Perhaps in the future...
vktoons on September 04 at 10:29 AM Edited in Animation
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Thanks Mario! It is good as an example of what animation can do, but mostly I search for something "theoretical". Up to now, I only found two books in Danish, though there are many institution in the USA that are working on the subject (but I didn't find something to read).
vktoons on September 18 at 08:33 PM Edited
not sure if this is what you're looking for but I did a quick good search for Animation for Learning Disabilities:
Mario Furmanczyk on September 18 at 02:58 PM