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Hows it going everyone!
Currently animating a shot right now and I have blocked out the animation of 4s-8s. Once i feel the poses I have start conveying the original idea, I tend to start timing them out in auto tangents.
I was just wondering what workflows people would use after getting to this stage? For example, do people breakdown the animation further into a blocking plus before moving into spline?
I know there are many ways, and I was wondering if people could share theirs?
Sam Traynor on September 09 at 03:02 PM in Animation
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I agree with Mario. I think that letting the computer decide your inbetweens with auto tangents can make the animation feel very automated and lifeless. Although, sometimes you can adjust the weighting of the auto tangents and get away with not having to do quite as many inbetweens. This might save you some time, and you might like the result better. 
Norbert Torok on September 11 at 10:16 AM
This is an extremely tricky part of the animation process! I struggled with this quite a bit but I think the best advice I can give you is something my anim Supervisor Renato gave me in my very first CG class haha.  Just keep breaking it down until you get the animation on 2's...maybe even 3's. You want to resolve as much as you possibly can before you deal with what the computer starts spitting out at you.  Once you move into blocking, first thing to do is just clean up your curves to get rid of unnecessary jitters, etc.  Then it's almost as if you just keep breaking everything down on 1's. So think of it like you're just breaking it down into smaller and smaller bit until you're on 1's.   
Letting the computer give you some rough estimations for inbetweens can be pretty helpful but it can also be a huge crutch that could lead to very spliney animation. I've been in this kind of trouble a ton. So while it's helpful, you just cannot rely on it too much. It's a balancing act. 
Good luck man! You're definitely asking the right questions!
Mario Furmanczyk on September 09 at 08:41 PM