CalArts: Character Animation vs. Experimental Animation

I'm hoping to get into CalArts for animation, but I'm a bit on the fence on which I should take, character animation or experimental animation...


Here is what I do know about experimental animation:

-driven by fine arts

-somewhat broader than character animation


What I would love to know is the difference in curriculum and how each is taught (other than the differences I stated) and what one would do with their education from experimental animation (in terms of a job).

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So, both programs seem incredible and appealing, and it's hard to make a choice. I want to do character animation, but I want to do it in an experimental way. The variety and flexibility of the experiemental program is what draws me to it, but at the core I want to create characters and tell stories. Particularly in the 2D medium. 

Man, does anyone else know where I'm coming from? I just wish the character animation program wasn't so rigid, but still taught the same stuff. Is this a decision a lot of others struggle with?

If I had to make a choice on the spot, Character Animation would be it, because I would learn the fundamentals and crucial things, and be prepared for the opportunity to be experimental later on, I think. Or maybe I have a lot of pre-conceived notions, and the character animation program is pretty flexible in its own right? Or maybe I can still focus on 2d and narrtives, in the experimental progrem?

lol. That is all such a jumble of words. 

So, students, future students, and aspiring students, how did you make the decision?

Isabel Franco on July 25 at 08:42 PM
Well-I think the question is more about what YOU want to do. What kind of work do you want to do in animation? What interests you? What motivates you to do it? Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5-10 years? If you can answer those questions, you will probably find your answer...
Mary Patchell on July 25 at 08:39 PM