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I'm Abby. Am a self-claimed artist from the Philippines. I never had any formal education about arts or animation or anything close to that, but I really want to. It's just that art schools here are very expensive. I started to learn Illustrator in 2009, then followed by Photoshop and After Effects only July of last year. Everything i learned was from online resources. I mostly create 2D motion graphics for corporate AVPs and some flat explainer videos. Am actually a full-time home-based artist and I rarely go out (only for meetings) to socialize that's why my network is really small. I don't really have anyone close to me to talk to about my works. That's why I'm excited to talk to you guys and exchange inspirations, not only about animation, but with everything.

I'm also a music junkie, I have a diverse taste in music and I cannot work properly without it. Also, I loooooove cats!! I have 2 Persian kittens and am their hu-mom. Coffee..?? Oh yes I need a dextrose for that!

My ulimate to work in Disney..or Pixar! Hahaha! I'm a "Disney baby". I witnessed the evolution of Disney from Steamboat Willie to Fantasia to The Sorcerer's Apprentice where the brooms are slaves to Dumbo to the Disney Princesses to Zootopia! I love them all!

Challenges? There's a whooole bunch of them! One is designing a character and making it consistent. Another is the composition of a scene that is appealing to the eye. Then the challenge of getting overhelmed everytime I see Cinema4D's interface because am statib to learn yet. And list goes on.
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