Hi ! My name is Anaïs Coquatrix (or Zephy Rose) !
I'm a French 16 y-o ( 17 soon ) self-taugh "artist" ! I've always loved art, and recently (like 2 years ago) I've been really interested in animation, 2D animation for the moment ! But I'd love to learn every other type of animation ! I'm aspiring to become a Disney Animator (the ultimate goal !),I grew up with Disney so I  want to be a part of the magic I guess ! tongue-out  That's the reason why I work every day and night  to reach my goal. 
I've never took any animation lesson, and I hate learning by doing the same thing over and over again, I learn the most by doing the thing, I need to feel what I'm doing,  that's why I'm making a short animated movie  so that way I have a great folder to submitt to animation school (Character design, Concept Art, Sketchs, Color keys etc..) ! 
I'm a very curious person, in everything, and I love to learn that's why I've joined Animated buzz and demystify  the animation business I guess ? Because I have the bad habit to prettify sometimes ? And to learn more and more about animation of course ! laughing
What can I say more...Oh ! I looove voice acting, I'm waiting with a great impatience to do the records for the movie ! ( And I'm secretly dreaming of acting in a movie one day but chhhhhht !) 
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